Top 3 Tips when planning for your new fence

1. Fence Function

What purpose is your fence going to provide?

There are many difference reasons for constructing a fence: privacy, creating a boundary, security, safety, containment of animals.

The purpose will influence the style, regulations and durability needed in the design of your fence. From here you can then work on the decorative element of the fence depending on what materials are available to suit the required purpose.

2. Consult your neighbours

When it comes to boundary fences, shared fence = shared cost. As is the regulations here in Australia, however there is more you need to consider. In particular if you or your neighbour desires more work than necessary then the distribution of costs should reflect this preference. Our advice is to keep neighbourly niceties by always approaching your neighbours in person to discuss your thoughts on a new fence prior to starting the process. Follow this link for more helpful advice on your rights and responsibilities on Boundary Fencing 

3. Design & Materials

The styles available in the current market seem endless and sometimes overwhelming. The good thing is almost all materials can be customised to suit any location. Points to consider are; do you want to make a statement and the fence be the focus point? Or are you wanting it to compliment the natural beauty of the yard? Or perhaps you want it to visually discourage intruders? Something many people overlook when designing their fence is the entrance. The entrance to a property is perhaps one of the most important aspect as it can truly add value to the property by improving your street appeal.

Should you require any help in the design stage please feel free to contact us.

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